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Furniture Removalists Sydney with a Difference – Available Throughout Sydney

At Furniture Removalists Sydney we understand that moving home can be a daunting task, especially if it is an interstate move. We are Extra Mile Movers - Furniture Removalists Sydney will really go that extra mile for you to effectively alleviate from you the burden and stress of your Sydney move.

First Class Furniture Removalists Sydney

We are a full service furniture removalists business who service Sydney and all surrounding suburbs. Thus in addition to providing an excellent Sydney removal service we also offer packing and unpacking service options too.

In order to provide you with a five-star service we have listened to our Sydney customers over the years and developed our services to meet their needs.

We also understand that different families have different removal needs and we cater for this. Thus we offer you the opportunity to engage all of our services, or just one, or two. You can also choose how many members of our Sydney removal or Sydney packing teams that you would prefer to engage.

Our Sydney Furniture Movers Will Handle any and all Homes

We value all our customers equally so if you are moving just one item of furniture you will still receive the same level of service as we provide for a 6-bedroom mansion.

Thus, no matter how big or how small your move is we still provide the high level of service that sets us apart from our competitors. We treat all your belonging with great care. We go that extra mile by wrapping all your furniture firstly in plastic and secondly in blankets, giving them double protection against dirt and damage.

We use only the best quality packing materials to minimise any likelihood of scratches, breakages etc of your goods. We never cut corners, never.

For our customers on a really tight budget we also offer a back loading service. This service can save you up to 70% off our normal service rates. To obtain this service you need to be flexible with your moving date and if possible notify us far in advance of your planned move. Customers using our back loading service can also use any of our other removal services and will obtain the same standard of service.

Our Sydney Furniture Movers Goal

Our goal at Extra Mile Movers is to achieve great customer satisfaction. We want you to come back to us for your new move and we want you to recommend us to your friends and family. We are not out for a quick buck. We are building our business using old fashioned customer service and being a trustworthy, reliable and expert furniture removalist Sydney business.

Difficult Home Moves Sydney

With our years of experience, you can be assured that no matter how difficult your Sydney home move is we have encountered these problems before and have a solution ready at hand.

If your unit is at the top of a three storey walk-up, we know the best way to carry difficult and large items up and down narrow stairs.

If you live in a highly congested area with minimal street parking, we can work with you to ensure that our furniture vehicle to parked close to your residence.

If your new (or old) home has a narrow winding internal staircase again we know the ‘tricks’ to manoeuvre large items in narrow and difficult spaces, without damaging the walls, floorboards or furniture.

Wet, windy weather, we have experienced it all, with Extra Mile Movers you can be certain we can manage any difficulties that your move presents.

Neighbourhood and Interstate Moves

Extra Mile Movers have a depot in Sydney and a depot in Melbourne. We have a fleet of modern furniture vehicles of varying sizes to cater for all size of home relocations.

We specialise in providing a first rate furniture removalist service to Sydney, neighbourhood move or an interstate relocation. We can also move just a single item of furniture (say an eBay bargain) and we also offer a backloading service for any number of items including a full home move.

Set Above Other Furniture Movers In Sydney, we are First-Class Furniture Removalists In sydney

Extra Mile Movers are experienced, skilled and provide exceptional customer service. We would like the opportunity to provide to you a first rate removal experience.

Please do contact us number not yet provided and let us explain how we can ensure that the burden and stress of your home move will be removed by our expert services.




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Stress free removalists!

On time and on budget!

Extreme attention to detail!

Reliable and efficient process!


"The guys that turned up were extremely hard working and did an excellent job moving me into my home."

- Alexandra Beryl, Sylvania Waters NSW

"They were very professional. Turned up on time and didn’t leave any scuffs. I left or moved into and dealt with the move very swiftly."

- Lisa Joendan, South Yarra VIC

“Excellent service, quick and very competitive quote. Truck arrived early, staff was pleasant and very helpful.”

- Vivian Keefy, Kiama NSW

“Extra Mile Movers have been superb. Their customer service is great & the guys there work very quickly & go above and beyond to help.”

- Jon Harvey, Cronulla NSW