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Your Top Choice of Office Removalists in Sydney

If you are planning on moving your Sydney office and require expert and extremely efficient removal services in Sydney, we at Extra Mile Movers can provide this service for you.

Our Office Movers Will Provide Minimal Downtime

Extra Mile are professional business relocation experts. We will ensure that there is minimal downtime caused by your relocation by:

  • Providing you with a team of speedy, experienced and skillful packers who will not only pack all your Sydney office equipment at a rapid rate but also provide each item with the best possible protection against any damage or breakage. Our packers will bring with them all the best, most up-to-date packing materials and use the most current packing techniques and skills they have developed from packing for many, many different Sydney businesses over the years.
  • Our team of first class packers will also efficiently dismantle all your Sydney workstations and large items of furniture. All items will be then wrapped in plastic, then given packaging protection and finally wrapped in blankets. All screws and bolts etc will be stored with the individual items dismantled.
  • Extra Mile packers are also highly experienced in disconnecting IT equipment and providing the necessary protection that this type of equipment requires. Again all components will be stored together to make reconnection at the new office speedy and correct.
  • Offering you the choice of overnight or over the weekend Sydney office removals. Extra Mile offer a 24 hour 7 day a week removal service to Sydney and surrounding suburbs, specifically for our commercial customers. If your Sydney office removalists will be working locally and you have a medium sized business then it is likely that we can complete the packing, relocation and unpacking of your entire office over the weekend. This means that your employees can leave work on Friday and start again on Monday as if nothing has changed.
  • Our packing teams are equally proficient at unpacking and re-assembling furniture and IT equipment. For a local move the same team of packers will both pack and unpack for you, the benefit of this service is that the packers having experience in already handling your goods can very efficiently unpack and assemble your furniture to return your Sydney office to the way it was.

Removalists who provide Minimal Disruption to Staff and Customers

Our Sydney office movers and packers are experienced in undertaking their work while your office works too. They know where to start and where to finish so as to provide as little disruption to your staff and customers. Thus they will prioritise which items can be packed and moved first to allow you to continue to trade until the last possible moment.

The reverse applies when reaching your new office premises. Again our packers and Sydney removalists will firstly ensure that the equipment vital to your business is unpacked and assembled as a priority and then tackle the less important items such as filing cabinets and boardroom tables.

So workstations, desks (including the reception desk) will be put in place first and quickly erected. Chairs will be stationed at the correct desk/workstation. Then the IT equipment, network, computers, laptops, printers etc will be connected and checked. The last items to be unpacked and installed would be delicate and valuable items such as works of art and framed qualification frames and awards statuettes.

Save Money with Extra Mile Office Removals Sydney

Our five star office removal Sydney service including the packing and unpacking of all furniture and equipment actually saves your money.

This is simply because we always ensure the least possible downtime and disruption when undertaking office removals. Thus your business will continue to operate for as long as possible meaning that you maximise revenue during the relocation period.

When you compare the costs of our five star services against the likely losses that your business would incur if the move was less efficient and speedy you will quickly see that it will be better for your bottom line to employ our first rate experience Sydney office removalists and packers.

Local and Interstate Office Movers Sydney

If you are moving your office locally or interstate Extra Mile Movers will be able to assist you. We have depots in both Sydney and Melbourne and a fleet of company owned, well maintained vehicles, enabling us to meet the needs of short, long, small and large office relocations.

Extra Mile Movers – Five Star Office Removalists Sydney

If you are seeking the services of a professional office removalist in Sydney who will ensure that your Sydney office furniture relocation is expertly done and also save you money, then please contact us. We have the experience, the resources and the know how to move your office with minimal interruption and minimal downtime.




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"The guys that turned up were extremely hard working and did an excellent job moving me into my home."

- Alexandra Beryl, Sylvania Waters NSW

"They were very professional. Turned up on time and didn’t leave any scuffs. I left or moved into and dealt with the move very swiftly."

- Lisa Joendan, South Yarra VIC

“Excellent service, quick and very competitive quote. Truck arrived early, staff was pleasant and very helpful.”

- Vivian Keefy, Kiama NSW

“Extra Mile Movers have been superb. Their customer service is great & the guys there work very quickly & go above and beyond to help.”

- Jon Harvey, Cronulla NSW