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10% Off Your Bill Full Service Offer

This deal is too good to be true and won’t last long…

Quite simply you will receive a 10% reduction of your total relocation bill if you:-

  1. Hire Extra Mile Movers to pre-pack and all your furniture and business or home goods including disassembling large furniture item.
  2. Engage Extra Mile Movers to load, transport and unload your entire household or business possessions including furniture; and
  3. Appoint Extra Mile Movers to unpack all your belongings for you as well as re-assemble all your large pieces of furniture.

The 10% discount applies to each of the above services. That is with this Full Service offer you will obtain a 10% discount off the cost of pre-packing, unpacking and relocation costs.

This is a huge discount in your removal costs which typically are the highest cost component of any relocation.

The table beneath shows how much of a saving you can make if you decide to take up our 10% discount Full Service Offer.

Total Cost of Move (all packing, unpacking, moving and transporting)$800$1,000$1,500$2,000$3,000$3,500
Savings through the 10% Discount off your Bill Full Service Offer$80$100$150$200$300$350
Your Total Bill Less the  10% a Discounts$720$900$1,350$1,800$1,700$3,150

Thus if your move costs $2,000 which includes the relocation service as well as the full packing and unpacking service, you will obtain a large $600 discount. So instead of paying $2,000 for your move you will pay only $1,400.

Extra Mile Superior Removal Services

Extra Mile Movers only provide premier removal services. We truly do go that extra mile to ensure that your belongings are transported from A to B in exactly the same condition with no dents, damage or breakages.

To achieve this high standard of service all are staff are permanent employees and undergo regular training. They are also highly experienced and capable. Our fleet of company owned trucks too are modern and all have hydraulic tail lifts.

Double wrapping protection is an example of how we go the extra mile. Double protection involves wrapping each of your furniture items in plastic before moving or loading them in the removal truck. Once on the truck the item is then wrapped in a blanket to provide that double layer of protection.

Extra Mile Superior Services at a Discount Rate

If you take advantage of the Full Service Offer, we will still provide our premier removal services to you. There will be no cutting back in terms of labour, materials or even value attributed to your move. All moves undertaken by Extra Mile Removals are done with the same first rate level of service.

Extra Mile Movers Extra Mile, Extra Smile
30% Discount Full Service Offer
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Professional friendly service!

Stress free removalists!

On time and on budget!

Extreme attention to detail!

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"The guys that turned up were extremely hard working and did an excellent job moving me into my home."

- Alexandra Beryl, Sylvania Waters NSW

"They were very professional. Turned up on time and didn’t leave any scuffs. I left or moved into and dealt with the move very swiftly."

- Lisa Joendan, South Yarra VIC

“Excellent service, quick and very competitive quote. Truck arrived early, staff was pleasant and very helpful.”

- Vivian Keefy, Kiama NSW

“Extra Mile Movers have been superb. Their customer service is great & the guys there work very quickly & go above and beyond to help.”

- Jon Harvey, Cronulla NSW