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Free Packing Rubbish and Debris Removal

Extra Mile Removals provide only the best rate furniture removal services. We believe our customers are looking for an effortless move and thus we do all we possibly can to make this happen.

As part of our high standards of service aimed at providing stress free relocation we always remove all rubbish and debris that has been created by moving and unpacking your goods for you.

There is no charge for this service. We provide this service for free as we want to ensure that our customers receive five star treatment and leaving debris and rubbish simply goes against the grain and our whole business philosophy.

The free removal of all packing debris is just another example of how we at Extra Mile Removals do really go that extra mile for our customers.

If we are hired by you to unpack all your belongings then you are guaranteed that you will have absolutely no packing debris or rubbish on your property or in your home or office once we have left.

We will gather up every last scrap of paper, bubble wrap, tape and cardboard and load it onto our furniture removal vehicle. We will also take away with us all the boxes that you do not wish to retain.

You will be very pleasurably surprised at how quickly our unpacking team can make your house into a home. This together with our efficient and free debris removal will mean that you can crack open the champagne or relax with a cup of coffee all that much quicker and truly feel at home.

If you have decided that you would rather do the unpacking of goods and re-assembling of furniture items yourself, we will still remove as much packing rubbish or debris for you as we can.

If you are a super fast unpacker or have the help of many family and friends you may have unpacked all your goods by the time we have finished unloading all your furniture items. If this is the case then you will be able to relax and put your feet up in your new and organised home as we will take every piece of removal rubbish away with us.

Even if you haven’t managed to unpack all your goods, we will take all the packing debris that we can. Whilst you will still have to at a later date dispose of packing materials yourself, we will do our best to take as much packing debris with us as possible.




Professional friendly service!

Stress free removalists!

On time and on budget!

Extreme attention to detail!

Reliable and efficient process!


"The guys that turned up were extremely hard working and did an excellent job moving me into my home."

- Alexandra Beryl, Sylvania Waters NSW

"They were very professional. Turned up on time and didn’t leave any scuffs. I left or moved into and dealt with the move very swiftly."

- Lisa Joendan, South Yarra VIC

“Excellent service, quick and very competitive quote. Truck arrived early, staff was pleasant and very helpful.”

- Vivian Keefy, Kiama NSW

“Extra Mile Movers have been superb. Their customer service is great & the guys there work very quickly & go above and beyond to help.”

- Jon Harvey, Cronulla NSW